Article 68/2021

Labour Edge

When applying s198 of the LRA, what is the content of the so-called ‘second fiction’ recently identified by the labour court in Chep SA (Pty) Ltd v Shardlow NO and Others (2019) 30 SALLR 169 (LC)?

Chep SA adopted the following approach: s198A(3)(b) is said to be the ‘gateway’ to s198A(5), which provides for ‘deemed employees’ to be treated no less favourably than the deemed employer’s directly engaged or permanent employees. In order to access both their s198A(3)(b) right to be deemed permanent, and their 198A(5) right to be treated no less favourably than other employees, a worker must be working for a TES. This fiction was referred to in this judgment as the second fiction created by s198.

With reference to Potgieter v Samancor Chrome Ltd t/a Tubatse Ferrochrome (2022) 33 SALLR 190 (LC) and Van Rensburg and Others v Department of Justice and Correctional Services and Others (2022) 33 SALLR 280 (LC); (2022) 43 ILJ 2110 (LC).

In what instances does the jurisdiction of the supreme court of appeal trump the jurisdiction of the labour appeal court?

Where an employer prematurely terminates a fixed-term contract and the employee challenges such termination as being unlawful and claims damages and not specific performance, the labour court has up to now ordered damages even though same is an unliquidated claim for damages.