5. Extracts

Extracts from The CCMA Rules Including Rules Of Various Courts, 4th Edition

Section two of the CCMA Rules Including Rules of Various Courts contains selected prescribed forms relevant to the utilisation of such rules (page 675).  Section three furthermore contains various guidelines when applying the CCMA rules – practitioners will definitely find this feature useful.  The author, Dr Brian van Zyl, also:

  • introduced diagrams illustrating more complicated concepts, like time periods (page 707)
  • schematically identified the various elements of a statement of case in terms of rule 19 of the CCMA rules (pages 710 to 712)
  • summarised the elements of a pre-arbitration conference in terms of rule 20 of the CCMA rules (pages 715 to 716), provided a pro forma notice of application and notice of opposition (pages 717 and 718), etc
Extracts from CCMA Rules Including Rules of Various Courts