What Will Happen To The SALLR’S 36th Annual Seminar In The Midst Of The Global Pandemic And National Lockdown?

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YES, it will be held on the dates as advertised

If normality is restored by such dates, the SALLR team will welcome you with open arms at the usual venues.

If we are still fighting this virus by such dates, the SALLR team will broadcast the seminar and distribute the seminar material via various alternative platforms.

You do not have to wait and see how things unfold and can register right now and stand the chance to win big in our R250 000 LUCKY DRAW.

Remember, you also have the unique opportunity to earn substantial commission if you secure an exhibitor at the seminar.

It is apparent that government initially took the viewpoint that vaccination against Covid-19 should not be compulsory.  However, it appears that the recently-promulgated Consolidated Directions on Occupational Health and Safety Measures (‘the Directions’)[1] signifies a very different approach.

Watch out for the SALLR 37th Annual Seminar this year.

Watch out for the SALLR 37th Annual Seminar this year.