We Are All In This Together…

free legal advice over the lockdown period

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If you are reading this on your phone – please link to https://bit.ly/SALLR-yes
If you are reading this on your desktop – please add us to your phone’s address book and send us a “hello” on WhatsApp. Our number is 041 373 4322.

And as we move from one known world to another unknown world, we count on each other to do the right thing.

During this period, the right thing is not to sell you webinars and charge you for legal advice, etc, concerning coronavirus-related issues.

The right thing for us is to provide all SALLR clients with FREE LEGAL ADVICE during this period concerning any employment-related issues linked to the coronavirus national state of disaster.

To access our team of practitioners, all you have to do is log your query with Taryn van der Merwe on 041 373 4322 or pa@vanzylrudd.co.za.

It is apparent that government initially took the viewpoint that vaccination against Covid-19 should not be compulsory.  However, it appears that the recently-promulgated Consolidated Directions on Occupational Health and Safety Measures (‘the Directions’)[1] signifies a very different approach.

Watch out for the SALLR 37th Annual Seminar this year.

Watch out for the SALLR 37th Annual Seminar this year.