Technical Guide

Technical Guide

What to expect during the SALLR live broadcasts

Your pre requisites for the best experience


Computer or tablet with active internet connection


Any up to date browser will do BUT we do recommend Chrome.


Optimal: 10 Mbps stable internet connection
Minimum: 4 Mbps stable internet connection

Handy tip

If you’re on a shared internet connection, at home or the office, make sure that your colleagues and family use the internet sparingly while you are watching the live broadcasts.


We are using WhatsApp to communicate with you. Please add SALLR to your phone’s contact’s list, our telephone and WhatsApp number is 041 373 4322.

You are most probably on our WhatsApp broadcast list already but please send us a “Hello” on WhatsApp to make sure that we have you added.

Handy tip

Do you know that you can use WhatsApp on your PC. Here’s how to:

Visit on your PC’s browser and follow the setup instructions.

Getting started

A link to the broadcasts will be emailed to you 48 hours prior to the broadcasts. This link is unique and can only be used by you – it cannot be shared. We will notify you on WhatsApp once we have sent out the link to all delegates.

What to do if you haven’t received a link?

Please check your email’s spam or junk mail folder. If our email is in the spam please move it to your inbox by labelling it as safe.

If you still can’t locate it, it may be blocked or rejected by your email provider. Please notify us (on WhatsApp) and we will make alternative arrangements.

We suggest that you connect to the broadcast 10 to 15 minutes before the start time to ensure that everything is working well.

What you should see

What to do if you experience technical issues

  1. Firstly, don’t panic. You won’t miss anything. The recorded broadcast will be available after the seminar. So you can catch up on issues that you missed or would like to watch again.
  2. Our live broadcasts have been tested thoroughly, but in the unlikely event of a technical problem we will notify you on WhatsApp.
  3. If you do not receive a notification from us, there is most probably a technical problem on your side.
  4. Trouble shooting:
    1. Check to see that you are connected to the internet. Visit this link to make sure that you see the test pattern
    2. Refresh or reload your browsers screen.
    3. Close and reopen your browser.
  5. If you are still unable to view the broadcast. Let us know on WhatsApp and a support person will contact you and assist you.

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Watch out for the SALLR 37th Annual Seminar this year.

Watch out for the SALLR 37th Annual Seminar this year.