Covid-19 Level 4 | Recommended Compliance Documentation Toolbox | Third Set Of Tools

One of the aspects that we have found during consultations that really challenge employers is the compilation of a workplace plan indicating readiness to start business.  Annexure 4 attached hereto contains such a proposed workplace plan that should assist employers in planning the return of their employees.

At this stage, it is also important to point out that it is recommended that a specific COVID-19 warrant document be executed (per attached Annexure 5) and, furthermore, that the appointment of the compliance officer happens within a formalised environment (per Annexure 6 attached hereto).

As indicated previously, the recommended documentation should be adapted taking into account, amongst others, the specific business requirements of the employer, the composition of the workforce and the particularities attached to the specific workplace(s).

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It is apparent that government initially took the viewpoint that vaccination against Covid-19 should not be compulsory.  However, it appears that the recently-promulgated Consolidated Directions on Occupational Health and Safety Measures (‘the Directions’)[1] signifies a very different approach.

Watch out for the SALLR 37th Annual Seminar this year.

Watch out for the SALLR 37th Annual Seminar this year.