4 Days To Go Before You Are A Winner

You will have no problem estimating the return on investment for paying your seminar fee for attending the SOUTH AFRICAN LABOUR LAW REPORTS’ 36th annual seminar!


… you simply stand out for all the right reasons!

Some of the reasons why you stand out are:

  • the SALLR is the only labour law and employee relations seminar where the content of a current seminar workbook is merged with all previous seminar workbooks to form a fully-searchable electronic product
  • the SALLR is the only labour law and employee relations seminar where a team of learner assistants effectively deal with queries raised by delegates after they have attended the seminar and identified issues that they are not comfortable with
  • the SALLR is the only labour law and employee relations seminar where delegates receive, after they have attended the seminar, a detailed document setting out paragraph references to the workbook in relation to the questions posed and considered during the seminar
  • the SALLR is the only labour law and industrial relations seminar where delegates, after they have attended the seminar, receive a PowerPoint presentation highlighting all issues, consisting of approximately 200 pages

We have had numerous requests to postpone the deadline of 26 April 2020 and have decided to do so.  You therefore have until the end of business on 30 April 2020 to comply with all the requirements to be a winner in the SALLR first lucky draw.

As advertised, the lucky draw will take place subsequent to the closure of entries on 30 April 2020.

A video recording will be made of the draw and placed on the SALLR Facebook page.  Winners will be congratulated in writing by the SALLR team.

Download a copy of the original SALLR 2020 lucky draw setting out the original deadlines before we granted the aforesaid extension. 

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During the recent live broadcasts of the SALLRs’ 36th annual seminar, held from Wednesday 12 August 2020 to Thursday 3 September 2020, the SALLR team conducted various surveys covering a variety of issues and, set out herein, are the combined results obtained from such five live broadcast sessions. Kindly note that the percentages have been rounded off.

As always, our workbook is a stunner – simply put, it is 383 pages jam-packed with all the essential tools you need to keep up-to-date and ready to deal with all the challenges you are currently facing.

What to expect during the SALLR live broadcasts.