Article 58/2021

Labour Edge

What is the content of the reasonableness requirement to be complied with for a secondary strike to be lawful?

The reasonableness requirement involves a proportionality assessment: the harm caused by the secondary strike to the secondary employer must be in proportion to the harm potentially caused to the primary employer as a consequence of the secondary strike.  In the labour court’s view, this called for an assessment of three key issues:

  1. the effect of the secondary strike on the secondary employer;
  2. the possible direct or indirect effect that the secondary strike may have on the business of the primary employer; and
  3. the proportionality of the harm caused to the primary and secondary employers respectively.

It is settled law that one of the requirements of a lockout is that it is to be preceded by a demand from the employer in respect of a matter of mutual interest.  Does this equate to a lockout notice?

What is the purpose of a lockout?

What are the requirements to be met for an urgent application to be granted in the labour court?