Article 45/2021

Labour Edge

With reference to Jacobson v Vitalab (2019) 30 SALLR 175 (LC), what is the test to be met to succeed in raising an exception:

In order to succeed, the excipient must necessarily persuade the court that, on every interpretation the pleading in question can reasonably bear, no cause of action is disclosed (First National Bank of Southern Africa Ltd v Perry NO 2001 (3) SA 960 (SCA)). Care must be taken to distinguish the facts which must be proved in order to disclose a cause of action from the evidence necessary to prove them. The determination of the latter, in each particular case, is essentially a matter of substantive law rather than procedure (Alphedie Investments (Pty) Ltd v Greentops (Pty) Ltd 1975 (1) SA 161 (T)).

To what extent is the practice manual of the labour court binding on all parties and the labour court?

The institution of review proceedings does not suspend the operation of an arbitration award unless security is furnished to the satisfaction of the court in terms of s145(8) of the LRA.  On what basis did the labour appeal court recently resolve the conflict between various labour court judgments interpreting the stay of enforcement of arbitration awards pending review proceedings?

What are the requirements to be met for s158(1)(c) of the LRA to be applicable (dealing with the jurisdiction of the labour court) to make an arbitration award or settlement agreement an order of court?