Article 12/2022

What are the different phases to be adopted in formulating a strategic organisational redesign model?


Phase 1 should entail assessing the environment within which the organisation operates in respect of threats and opportunities, industry analysis, etc.

Phase 2 should focus specifically in assessing the organisation in respect of identified and relevant considerations, such as core competencies, organisational capabilities, culture, stakeholders, business patterns, value creation, etc.

Having executed phases 1 and 2, the strategic organisational team should be in a position to formulate the strategic intent to be adopted in such exercise – Phase 3.

Phase 4 entails the actual strategic organisational design, dealing with strategic groupings, strategic linking, alignment and value creation – this is, in essence, the restructuring process envisaged by the Labour Relations Act.

Phase 5 entails the continual aligning of the identified strategic intent with implementation that should result in the required strategy implementation.

What is the viewpoint of the labour appeal court, as expressed in SA Municipal Workers’ Union obo Morwe v Tswaing Local Municipality and Another [2023] 2 BLLR 131 (LAC); (2022) 33 SALLR 60 (LAC)?

An employer set out its employees’ rights in disciplinary hearings in the applicable disciplinary code and incorporated same into their employment contracts.

What are the options available to an employee when an employer allegedly owes such employee monies in terms of a contract of employment?