36th Annual SALLR Seminars

“An up to date practitioner is a competent practitioner”
SALLR delegates always stand out… and for the right reasons.

2 Elite Packages

During August and September 2020, you enjoyed our live broadcasts… now you have the further opportunity to enjoy our 2 elite packages.

SALLR Workbook Package
@ R950 ex VAT

Your perfect workbook companion dealing with the latest developments in labour law, human resources and employee relations.


  • hardcopy SALLR workbook
  • answers to issues raised
  • learner assistance

SALLR Training Package
@ R2400 ex VAT

Your perfect training companion that will ensure that your training information is correct, relevant and up-to-date.


  • SALLR recording link
  • hardcopy SALLR workbook
  • electronic workbook
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • learner assistance
  • Brainfood newsletter
  • SALLR website
  • SALLR library

A Unique South African Labour Law Report Seminar Experience

Whatever is missing from other labour law and industrial relations seminars, SALLR have added it; added content, added recognition, added support, added access and added participation:

  • Accreditted Learning Event
    Each delegate receives a SA Board for People Practices (SABPP) or Institute of People Management (IPM) certificate reflecting Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points linked to attending the learning event – further CPD points can be obtained if an evidence file is compiled
  • Access to SALLR eLibrary
    In the period between seminars, delegates receive a free subscription to the SALLR elibraries, which consists of published arbitration awards and/or rulings and judgements from various selected bargaining councils, CCMA, labour court, labour appeal court, high court, supreme court of appeal and constitutional court from 1997.
  • Automatic tracking of changes to employment laws and CCMA rules
    The SALLR eLibrary includes a resourceful section where delegates are able to track the changes and amendments made to employment laws and CCMA rules.
  • Workbook
    The volume of our seminar workbook is at least twice greater than that of similar products. Delegates can expect unique categorisation of content, insightful questions and customised answers, identification of trends, selection of relevant topics and cross-references to publications, judgments, awards, rulings, and more.
  • Electronic Workbook
    The contents of the current seminar workbook is merged with all previous seminar workbooks to form a fully searchable electronic resource.
  • Seminar’s PowerPoint Presentation
    The seminar’s Powerpoint presentation to make use of for reference and training.
  • Learner Assistants
    When you encounter queries with the material dealt with during the seminar, our learner assistants are available to help you for 3 months after the seminar.
  • Brainfood
    Delegates are able to participate in discussions online, subsequent to the seminar, and, furthermore, are made aware of hot topics by means of Brainfood, the regular SALLR newsletter.

Watch this video for more detailed information about the SALLR Seminars’ features and benefits.

Who Is The Presenter?

Dr Brian van Zyl has mastered the South African Labour Law Report seminars. With over 35 years’ experience analysing, studying and practising in South African Labour Law, delegates at the SALLR Seminars benefit from expert instruction and unique interpretation of the South African Labour Law Reports.

Dr Brian van Zyl is the co-author of various publications, which include the following: The Final Codes on Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment: An Analysis, Part 1 and Part 2, The Business of Restructuring and Guide to the CCMA Rules, 1st and 2nd editions. Brian has been the presenter of The South African Labour Law Reports seminar since 1990. He has recently written Changes to Employment Laws.

During 2018 his CCMA Rules Including Rules of Various Courts became a best seller. Brian also regularly practices in the labour courts and the CCMA.

Dr Brian van Zyl