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The Final Codes on Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment

The Final Codes on Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment - An Analysis - Part 1 is written and compiled by recognised authorities, namely, Brian van Zyl, Christo Barnardo and Urmila Soni.
The book, consisting of 168 pages, comprises 9 chapters, dealing with, amongst others:

  • the relevant methodologies
  • the various scorecards
  • the respective formulae
  • the different key measurement principles

An in-depth analysis of the Final Codes takes place by means of, amongst others:

  • 50 diagrams
  • 40 tables
  • 18 annexures

Various detailed illustrations contain calculations in terms of the respective formulae.

Content Extracts

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Chapter 1: The Regulatory Context of Black Economic Empowerment

1.1 Constitution of the Republic of South Africa
1.2 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment
1.3 The Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act

Chapter 2: Measuring Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment

2.1 Application of the Codes
2.2 The Basics for Measuring Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Compliance
2.3 Basic Methodology of the Scorecards (55KB)
2.4 Key Principles

Chapter 3: Ownership

3.1 Scorecards
3.2 Scorecard Measurement Elements
3.3 Scorecard Measurement Categories and Formulae
3.4 Key Measurement Principles (1,049KB)
3.5 Measurement Principles for Specific Situations
3.6 Recognition in the sale of assets, equity instruments and other businesses
3.7 Multinationals

Chapter 4: Management Control

4.1 Scorecards
4.2 Measurement Elements
4.3 Key Measurement Principles (111KB)
4.4 Formulae

Chapter 5: Employment Equity

5.1 Scorecards
5.2 Measurement Elements
5.3 Key Measurement Principles
5.4 Formulae (65KB)

Chapter 6: Skills Development

6.1 Scorecards (66KB)
6.2 Measurement Elements
6.3 Key Measurement Principles
6.4 Formulae

Chapter 7: Preferential Procurement

7.1 Scorecards
7.2 Measurement Elements
7.3 Key Measurement Principles
7.4 Preferential Procurement Methodology
7.5 Formulae

Chapter 8: Enterprise Development

8.1 Scorecards
8.2 Measurement Elements (56KB)
8.3 Key Measurement Principles
8.4 The Benefit Factor Matrix
8.5 Formula

Chapter 9: Socio-Economic Development

9.1 Scorecards
9.2 Measurement Elements
9.3 Key Measurement Principles
9.4 The Benefit Factor Matrix
9.5 Formula

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